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Additional Activities and attractions
Please, contact Reception or Your tour operator Representative.
Adaptors, Electricity
All room outlets are 220/240 volts. For more information, please dial 9.
Airports, Airlines
For assistance with tickets, Please contact Your Representative. Approximate travel time from Sofia International Airport / Plovdiv International Airport to Radina’s Way, Borovets is 1 h 30 min. It depends on the traffic. Please allow extra travel time during rush hour, inclement weather, and special events. For specific information contact Your Representative. The official website of Sofia International Airport is and the official website of Plovdiv International Airport is
Area Maps, City Maps
Area maps are sold at Front Desk.
Car rental
If you need to rent a car, Please contact the Front Desk to check availability, according to your preferences. Dial 9.
Check-out Time
Check - out time is twelve o`clock (12) at noon. If You need late check – out, Please contact Front Desk to check availability at least couple of days before Your departure day. Check out is extra paid service. Please check the price at the Front Desk.
Credit Cards
At the reception we accept: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover.
If You need medical attention we have 24 Hour Medical Services. For further assistance, Please dial Front Desk 9.
Drug Stores/Pharmacies
More information is available at the Front Desk. Dial 9.
Fax Services
Faxes may be sent at the Front Desk. Our incoming fax number is + 359 750 32048. Fee may be applied.
The entire building is equipped with wireless network technology. Internet up to 5 Mbit is free of charge.
Laundry & Ironing
Please, leave your laundry in the laundry bag, which you will find in the closet. It is mandatory to fill correctly “Laundry and Ironing” form and put it in the Laundry bag. All prices are pointed on the Laundry and Ironing Form. Please, read the form carefully and fill in correctly. When the maid come into Your room for daily cleaning she will take Your laundry and return it to You the next day before 12.00 o`clock.
You will be charged at the Front Desk before Your check out. Please, pay attention that laundry left without filled form will not be taken by your maid. For further information Dial
Lost and Found
For lost belongings in the hotel area, Please dial 9 to check. Forgotten belongings in your room, please call reception to check within one month after you left or write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send your belongings back to your address via post office and you will be charged for it according to the distance area.
Luggage Assistance
If you need assistance for Your Luggage, Please Dial 9         
You can buy newspapers at the reception desk. Foreign press is upon availability.
Pets are not allowed except guide dogs
Copy services are available at the Front Office against payment.
Postal Service and post cards
Post Services are available at front desk. Please, choose a post card and the necessary mark and we will send it for you.
Safe-Deposit Boxes
Available in Your room against payment. The hotel is not responsible for money or other valuables out of your safe. You will be charged for using your individual safe, according to the following packages: daily package, 7 day package, 10 day package, 14 day package. Please check the prices at the Front Office.
Specific supplies
For more information about specific supplies in Your room, Please contact Front desk for assistance or Dial 9
Taxi Services
Please ask at the reception service
Telephone calls
Outside phone call - You can reach any telephone number outside the hotel and outside the country using your telephone in the room. Please Dial 0 for outside line. You will be charged according to the price list.
Room to Room Dialing- To connect another hotel room, dial directly its number. For example room number 131 – please, dial 131.
Telephone numbers in Radina’s Way
    Front Office – 9
    SPA Reception – 650
    Restaurant - 
Transport to the Resort Center
There is a free shuttle to the Resort center from the hotel and back to the hotel – every day, starting from 08.00 in the morning. For more information, Please dial 9.
Travel Arrangements
Please, contact Your tour operator Representative or Front Office.
Radina’s Way Hotel provides the following TV channels:
  •     Bliss LISS
  •     True movies 1
  •     True movies 2
  •     Tiny Pop
  •     True entertainment
  •     CBS Drama
  •     Euronews UK
  •     Food network UK
  •     France 24 English
  •     Sky News UK
To select the desired station use the remote control press the no of the channel you need as listed below
Umbrellas are available next to the main entrance, for your use while you are a guest of Radina’s Way.
Wake-up Calls
Please, dial Front Desk at 9 to order wake – up call.
There is available wheelchair on request. Please contact Front Desk. Dial 9.


Radina’s Way, Borovets is provided with CCTV system.
In case of power failure, Please remain calm. The hotel is provided with its own generator.
Medical Emergency
Radina’s Way has 24 Hours medical services available.
Elevator/Lift Entrapment
In case of lift entrapment, Please push the emergency button in order to contact the Front Office.
Fire Safety
Radina’s Way is a newly built hotel with materials and furnishing from the latest generation, which provide reliable protection and security. As we are very responsible to the safety of our tourists and staff, we have taken extremely serious precautions to prevent any fire accidents. All the guests have less than 35m to reach a place of safety, that is the open air or a protected stairway. There are available fire extinguishers of a suitable size within easy reach of premises provided each 25 meters intervals.All stairways are separated from the remainder of the hotel with materials having at least 60 minutes fire resistance.
It is essential that all employees have already been aware of the Fire Safety policy and act in accordance with its content. Training is provided to all employees on the implementation of this policy and thereafter during induction training for new recruits. If the alarm is sounded, Please immediately follow the fire escape route, which every our guest needs to remember once he had enter his room.Locations of fire exits are clearly marked on the floor plan on the back of each guestroom door

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Technical support For any technical questions about online reservations call +359 887 809 663 (9am-6pm.).



Hotel Radinas Way  

Borovets Resort, 2010



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